Retail Research

Retail Research

Want to increase the sales of your products? Want to achieve maximum success in your business? Then stop doing guesswork and start investing in research. 
At retail level, there is a need to identify consumer preferences and various marketing requirements to maximize your product sales. Retail research helps you in this. 
But, there are many dynamics to understand at the retail level. We, Market Research Field Services, through our robust retail research help you to identify these dynamics. 
Our detailed research reports enable you to take appropriate decisions at the retail level to increase your sales. You can understand the behaviour of your customer, cut out competition, make informed decisions, choose proper prices for the products, ensure customer satisfaction, and know your customer diversity and demography etc., through our retail research.

Some of the key areas that we focus on while undertaking retail research are:

  • Understanding the actual requirement of a customer,
  • The customer behaviour, their needs, habits, preferences, etc.,
  • What are the main motivators and barriers at retail points,
  • Optimizing the point of sale (POS),
  • Role of displays to the customers, and
  • Interactions of the sales teams\

The following are the retail research that we conduct:

  • Retail measurement services and retail audits
  • Mystery shopping and insights
  • Display and merchandising services
  • Sales and stock tracking research

We conduct retail research in all sectors and for all product categories. Our key USP is ‘mystery shopping’. We guarantee that your sales will increase through our research.