Opinion Polls and Political Surveys

Opinion Polls and Political Surveys

Knowing the prospects of winning or losing an election is of vital importance for political parties and their candidates. Reputation, money and power are at stake in an election battle. A certainty in the prospects can be established by opinion polls and political surveys.


Political Polls and Surveys

Market Research Field Services has mastery in conducting opinion polls, exit polls and political surveys. Our researchers have unique skill sets to conduct these polls. Through these polls and surveys we give unique perspectives to our clients so that they can strategise their campaigns accordingly.
We have already worked with major political parties and media outlets in the country. Our results have a proven track record of being accurate. We use systematic and robust sampling methods.
We helped many political leaders to understand their standing in the constituencies by conducting surveys. Through the data, we helped them put in place a winning strategy. 
We also have expertise in profiling the voters on their socio-economic backgrounds. This helps the political parties and leaders to understand their voter base and plan accordingly.

Polls for Business

Apart from political spectrum, we conduct polls and surveys for businesses too. We do this especially for brand building and understanding the customers’ perspective on the brand. This helps the brands to gauge their brand promotion strategies. We are capable of providing the results of the polls within a day.
We do all this by conducting polls based on current affairs, social media opinion polls, online polls etc. Our methodology in conducting these polls are scientific and sample selection is unique to the task. The questionnaire for the polls is carefully selected to fulfil the requirements of our clients.
We take pride in solving our clients’ problems with these polls.