Public Sector and Social Market Research

Public Sector and Social Market Research



Impact Assessments Studies

Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) in the country are mandated by the government to carryout various impact assessments while starting new industrial plants or businesses. 
At Market Research Field Services we help public sector companies by conducting research. Our researchers are capable of conducting social impact studies, environmental impact studies, economic impact studies etc.
We undertake these studies using various scientific research methodologies. With accurate assessments, we help the PSUs to chalk out clear strategies for their projects. 


Research for Government Departments

Government departments need scientific and statistical data to see whether their policies and programmes are benefitting the public or not. They need to know if there are any funds leakages or any changes to the policy are required. 
Market Research Field Services sorts out these issues by undertaking surveys, research on the impact of policies, evaluate the implementation of programmes at the ground leve etc. 
We use scientific tools and techniques to assess the impact of policies. Through our research we give accurate information to the government departments so that proper action can be taken. 


Research for NGOs and funding agencies

NGOs in the country are often not in a position to employ people to carryout various research activities. Market Research Field Services helps NGOs by providing various research reports and evaluating the impact of their activities. We can also provide social audit services to the NGOs. 
Apart from these, any other research requirements of the NGOs and Funding agencies can be fulfilled by us.