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Market Research is the process of gathering data to determine whether the products and services offered by you will satisfy the requirements of customers. It has now become a pre-requisite in this highly competitive world, when it comes to making crucial business decisions, since most of the organizational slipups take place due to insufficient research. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to understand the importance of market research and invest in it, in order to reap customer loyalty and higher revenue.


Market Research Field Services is a leading market research company in India, offering primary and secondary market research services to help brands understand and engage with their customers effectively. We combine traditional and contemporary research techniques to offer our clients with comprehensive market research solutions. Guiding brands for sustainable business growth, we deliver consumer research to help you understand your business, consumers and competitors better and empower you with helpful market information and insights.


Organizations looking for outsourcing their market research requirements can contact us and avail the help of our skilled analysts. They have over a decade of experience in conducting B2B and B2C, Healthcare, Retail and Consumer Research and offer objective perspective on any provided case and validate their findings with solid facts to help organizations take important business decisions.


Market Research is a boutique insight management company helping brands effectively understand and engage with their consumers


People fascinate us - different contexts, emotional drivers, cultural forces and meaning systems which make people act, say and desire certain things excite us and keeps us exploring deeper & wide



“To set new benchmarks of quality and reliability in market research and exceeding expectations of the clients by delivering intellectual research.”



"To be a globally acknowledged and value driven market research company offering dependable research solutions leveraged by innovative technology and upheld by experienced people.”


Director’s Message

Mrs. Neelam Tewari has over 49 years of experience in Market Research. She has a specialization in Public Administration and graduated from Lucknow University. She started her career in Hindustan Unilever. Her association extends to IMRB and J. Walter Thompson India, a Marketing Communications Agency (earlier known as Hindustan Thompson).

In the year of 1994 Ms. Neelam had established her own organization with the support of IMRB.  It is India’s first field research company. Her expertise is in designing and executing both quantitative and qualitative research work. She has immense experience working on several products and service categories. At present, Ms. Neelam’s brain child, Market Research Field Services with its established and credible associates serve and manage projects all over India.

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