Healthcare Research

Healthcare Research

The world of healthcare is getting increasingly complex. Today, advanced healthcare research and invention of medicines to cure health disorders that were once fatal, science has reached advanced level of development. For the success of any medicine, a well-designed research is quite important. Market Research Field Services with its innovative data collection methodologies works for hospitals, biotechnology firms and pharmaceutical establishments and help them develop crucial analysis to deliver the best.

We are experts in conducting primary & secondary market research in the healthcare domain for key medical organizations with patients, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Competent to an exceptional level and operating in the healthcare sector for several years, our team is skilled in carrying out all sorts of qualitative and quantitative market research from diary studies to face-to-face interviews to detailed telephonic interviews in this highly complex medical arena.

With years of experience in this specific area, we have developed a deep understanding of the precise requirements of the medical community.

We recognize the problems while trying to establish direct contact patients and doctors and have veteran interviewers competent of achieving this.

Our interviewers possess the skills and persistence required to obtain the necessary information to your important questions. All our medical interviewers have received comprehensive training and are constantly assessed and scrutinized to ensure the quality of research is never compromised.

Healthcare research is our USP. In a year we conduct more than 4000 doctors’ interviews. We are helping a number of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies,biotechnology firm, health service providers and medical product companies by providing the industry insights. Feasibility studies to open any new hospital or expand specialties of the existing hospitals, help a number of clients in India. Market Research Field Services specializes in prescription audits and patient studies. Some of key areas in healthcare research are:


Doctors/physicians studies:

We have the specialist interviewers and physicians conducting the Physician interviews. Our panels includes doctors from all specialties and super specialties.


Case studies – Doctors studies:

  • Study on Oncologist
  • Study in Pulmonologist
  • Study on Diabetologist
  • Study on Rheumatologist
  • Study on Hematologist
  • Study on Microbiologist / Pathologist


Study of hospital/nursing home/clinics/path labs/imaging centres:

Market Research is having one of the largest database of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pathology labs and imaging centres in India. Our studies are focused on Tertiary care, Secondary care and Primary care facilities. Our target respondents are hospital management, owners of the healthcare facilities and in charge.